Europe’s Common Headphone Brand Profile

AKG: China called “love science and technology.” Austria’s famous headset microphone manufacturer, established in 1947 in Vienna. AKG headphones lightweight and sturdy and comfortable, smooth and natural sound, IF charming and beautiful, open sound field. It’s classic K141 series products in the professional field has a very high reputation, K240 series, K270 series, HIFI headphones K240, K501, K340, K1000, wireless surround sound headphones HEARO999 like. Worth on the market currently recommended AKG headphones K55, K66, K100, K240 series, K301, K401, K501, wireless headset HEARO series. You can check here for more wireless headphones office user.

Wireless headphones office user

BEYERDYNAMIC: domestic called “beyerdynamic” or “Bayer power.” Germany’s famous headset microphone manufacturer, was founded in Berlin in 1924. Beyerdynamic headphones sturdy and comfortable, sound faithfully rigorous, warm, clear detail. It’s classic products are the world’s first dynamic headphones DT48, professional headphones DT880, DT770, DT990, DT911, HIFI headphones DT831, DT931 and so on. Worth on the market currently recommended models DT880, DT990, DT931, DT831, DT531, DT431, DT331, DT231. More details can be found here why we use wireless headset?

SENNHEISER: domestic called “Sennheiser.” Germany’s famous headset microphone manufacturer, was established in 1945. Sennheiser traditional style is thick and dense with open, sweet and loyal relaxed in recent years, Sennheiser products elegant style began to shift. It’s classic products are professional headphones HD540, HD560, HD580, HD250, HD25, HIFI headphones HD414, HD475, HD565, HD600, an electrostatic headphone system ORPHEUS like. Worth on the market currently recommended Sennheiser headphones HD580, HD590, HD600, HD25SP.